Here you will find a portfolio of articles I have written, ranging from scientific papers written during my studies to entertainment, such as travel reports and column writing.

Scientific Papers:


- Cyberwarfare and the State Security Dilemma 30.07.2013

What influence does the advent of cyber crime and cyber warfare have on the field of international politics? Cyberwarfare is a new arena in which countries have to defend themselves, and the nature of the arena creates opportunities for new actors- not just other states, but also companies and even individuals.

- Voters of South Africa- Partisanship, Cleavages and lowered turn-outs in a new democracy 18.03.2014

Many people claim that the South African election results are entirely bound to the demographic make-up and political history of the country. Is it true that South African voters decide by their skin colour? And why has the election turn-out been decreasing since the iconic 1994 elections?

-Thinking and Voting- The Psychology of Voting 12.5.2014

Voting is one of the most important aspects of an open democracy, but how do voters actually decide on one party or candidate? Is it a purely rational decision based on possible individual gains, how strongly do societal aspects influence voter choice, and how are voters influenced by subconscious factors? In this, my Bachelor thesis, I analyze the existing methods used in determining voter preferences, and compare these with the latest breakthroughs made by psychologists in the field of decision making.



Fake (and Social Media) News

“Fake news”- the latest buzzword. And a firm favourite of cultural trendsetter, President Donald Trump.     Fake news- the deliberate supply of false, or at least horribly twisted, news stories in an attempt to deceive and persuade the largest...

Right to Left Politics

2016 has been an election year. A year of “crazy” decisions, even stranger candidates and outcomes, and shocking results. It has also been a divided year, with people from either the right or left being completely unable to even comprehend how the other...

White Privilege

Following the recent spate of protests, statue topplings, and painting burnings, you have probably heard the terms “privilege”, “white privilege”, and “whiteness”. (Most commonly in the nauseating rejoinder “Check your...

Read Like A Writer

Every once in a while I am made aware of just how many books I read. Most often when I see my monthly credit card statement and see how much I spend on Amazon’s e-books. (Often a solid 20-30% of my monthly expenditures) The other time I stop to reflect is on...

Beginner’s Guide to Democracy

123 of the world’s 192 countries are now classified as democracies, among them the greatest and most developed countries. If you are reading this, you are most likely in a democratic country (or at least visiting one). In light of this, I thought it might be...

Guide to Studying Abroad

Everyone wants to study overseas. See the world, experience new cultures, learn new languages, expand your horizons! And while this is true (and I would say, studying abroad is definitely worth it), one should not overlook the difficulties you will encounter. Let me...

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