From Social Medium to Personal Extreme

I love to share all that I do,
From walks to shopping sprees,
I know I’m having fun because,
I’ve snapped a great selfie.

Whereever I go, they know, of course,
I’ve Facebooked all the links,
My Whatsapp’s pinging me so fast,
I don’t have time to think.

Of course I’m happy! Why would you ask?
Just look where I have been!
So what if my new pic got less likes,
Just needs a bit more skin.

On second thought, I ask myself,
What do they really see?
I wonder if they like my posts,
Instead of liking me?

Our social media only wants,
The things we see and do.
Who cares if it’s been staged, or fake?
Who wants the real you?

I know I shouldn’t care at all,
For one like more or less.
But when they’re all more liked than me,
I can’t help but obsess.

I used to think that I looked fine,
Enjoyed parties care-free.
The only perspective I still have,
Is that from Insta-G.

All but forgot what life was like,
Before the middle-man,
Each moment direct and to the heart,
Without the thumb-up hands.

Instagram all intimate times,
Choose many over one,
Too busy filtering imperfections,
To live life as it comes.

I’m constantly connected,
Frame life so carefully.
I need to know what they all think,
Because I’m bored of me.

I’ve had enough of likes and snaps,
Of pokes and report flags.
I choose to share just with myself,
My life knows no hashtags.



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