The Edge of Reason

My personal blog. This is where I blindly follow my train of thought (and try to stop it from getting derailed). Updated weekly, with a relatively light-hearted slant, this is where I write about any and every topic that interests me: philosophy, personal anecdotes, religion, movies, books, and just about everything in between.

Bachelor Thesis in Philosophy- What is Empathy?

A link to my Bachelor Thesis written for my BA Philosophy in 2018. A brief introduction: There is a current debate in philosophy on the nature of emotions (I.e. emotions are how your subconscious or conscious mind makes split-second decisions regarding a situation).... read more

Fake (and Social Media) News

“Fake news”- the latest buzzword. And a firm favourite of cultural trendsetter, President Donald Trump.     Fake news- the deliberate supply of false, or at least horribly twisted, news stories in an attempt to deceive and persuade the largest... read more

Right to Left Politics

2016 has been an election year. A year of “crazy” decisions, even stranger candidates and outcomes, and shocking results. It has also been a divided year, with people from either the right or left being completely unable to even comprehend how the other... read more

Hitchhiker’s Guide to Science and Statistics

“Recent studies show….” “Scientists have proven…..” “Experiments suggest….”   Statements such as these are all too common in the media these days, whether it’s a news program looking for a good headline,... read more

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